Desalination solutions
  • Desalination solutions proposed are based on Reverse Osmosis Technology (RO).
  • The RO plant can be containerized and therefore easily transported, installed, and relocated based on the requirements.
  • Major features of RO system are: pretreatment & feed pump module, RO membrane & HP pump & piping module, post treatment, energy recovery system, and automation system.
  • The recovery rate of the RO system is 35% - 40%.
  • The production rate ranges from 25, 30, 60, 285, 445, 620, 1500 (L/Hr).
  • Desalination units with production rate higher that 1500 L/Hr are manufactured and customized according to the customers’ needs.
  • Design and manufacturing of drinking water purification system using Reverse Osmosis technology.
  • Containerized and mobile RO solutions.