Operations and Maintenance

Water For All provides Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services to its clients.

Operations and maintenance of Water Treatment System refers to all the activities needed to run the system continuously in order to provide the necessary service.

Operations refer to the routine activities and procedures that are implemented to ensure the system is working efficiently. The activities that contribute to the operation of the system are undertaken by our technicians and engineers who have responsibility for controlling the functions of the system.

Maintenance refers to plan the technical activities or activities carried out in response to any breakdown. It has to ensure that assets are functioning effectively, and it requires skills, tools and spare parts.

Depending on the contract terms, our operators are following the systems closely, hence their main task is to ensure the system runs efficiently and effectively. Their major tasks are including the following:

  • Daily preventive maintenance;
  • Following the operation and filling out log sheets as required;
  • Routine checking the parameters on-site to ensure the smooth operation;
  • Periodic calibration of the system instruments to ensure their functions;
  • All log sheets are analyzed by our technical team monthly;
  • Maintaining the stock of chemicals and consumables;
  • Collecting the samples for water analysis on a monthly basis: both feed water and treated water;
  • Ensuring all the health & safety regulations are followed;
  • Informing the clients immediately if any of irregularities.