Ultrafiltration Solutions
  • Ultrafiltration totally clarifies the water and ensures the release of bacteria, viruses, particles, pollen, parasites, algae representing a risk to human health.
  • Ultrafiltration Technology does not require the addition of chemicals and it is a purely physical process that generates no by-products and can treat any water quality with the same action for clarification – removing of biocontaminants.
  • The Ultrafiltration Unit can be customized according to the Customers’ needs, and various options can be added such as: Solar Panels, Automation, UV Lamps, Mobility.
  • Design and Manufacturing of Drinking Water Purification System using Ultrafiltration Technology.
  • Production Rate ranges from 300 to 25,000 L/Hr.
Greywater Treatment

Any water that has been used in the home, except water from toilets, is called “Greywater”, and it may be reused for other purposes, especially landscape irrigation. If this grey water is collected and treated, then 90% of the water consumed can be treated and recycled.

Water For All is committed to serve the customers according to their needs with a proper solution to greywater issue and offering state-of-the-art services, cost-effective, safe and reliable water recycling & treatment solutions, products and services in the field of greywater treatment such as:

Sewage Treatment Plant STP

Water For All provides reliable, environment-friendly and cost-effective alternatives for the provision of water requirement for landscaping & irrigation through the purification and recycling of domestic sewage water of the residential area.

Engineering Services

Our Design Office offers several types of “state-of-the-art”, cost-effective treatment with minimal maintenance solutions, each one has the particularity of adapting to sites, populations, mobility constraints and the size of the market.

Some of our solutions generate income while respecting the environment. This makes our system sustainable.

System can be containerized and relocatable treatment plants which can be easily installed, operated and relocated based on the requirements.

A team dedicated to a project can range from 5 to 15 person, they are able to travel internationally as requested to achieve the following:

  • Defining Clients’ Specific Technical Needs.
  • Full Auditing of Client’s Issues.
  • Creating 2D/3D Models.
  • Solar, Mechanical and Engineering Calculations.
  • Managing the Manufacturing and the Installation of Equipment.
  • Training Local Teams.
  • Building Local Workshops.
  • Creating our Own Products & Solutions.
Operations and Maintenance

Water For All provides Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services to its Clients.

Operation and maintenance of a Water Treatment System refers to all the activities needed to run the system continuously to provide the necessary service.

Operation refers to the routine activities and procedures that are implemented to ensure that the system is working efficiently. The activities that contribute to the operation of the system are undertaken by our technicians and engineers who have responsibility for controlling the functions of the system.

Maintenance refers to planned technical activities or activities carried out in response to a breakdown, to ensure that assets are functioning effectively, and requires skills, tools and spare parts.

Depending on the contract our operators are following the systems closely, hence their main task is to ensure that the system run efficiently and effectively. Their major tasks are including the following:

  • Daily preventive management
  • Follow the operation closely and fill out log sheet as required
  • Routing check of process parameters on-site to ensure smooth operation
  • Periodic Calibration of system instruments to ensure functionalities
  • All log sheet is analyzed by our technical team monthly
  • Maintain stock of chemicals and consumables
  • Collect samples for water analysis on a monthly basis: both feed water and treated water
  • Ensure all health & safety regulations are followed
  • Inform the client immediately about any irregularities
Mobiles Solutions
  • U.F Station, for all non-salty water
  • R.O Station, for all water types, even sea water
  • R.O Mobile 1000 (Desalination) – Autonomous Trailer for drinking water production (1000 L/H)
  • SWRO Containerized Units - Sea Water containerized RO