Swimming Pool Recycling System

Swimming pool water must undergo treatment, in order to remain clear and clean, free from harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, algae and other pathogens, and must remain suitable for use by swimmers.

The backwash water can be efficiently recycled, depending on its intended purposes and quality of the operational water type required: for reuse as fill-water; for cleaning, for lavatory cleaning and irrigation as a process water or for direct transfer back into the surface water.

Our system recycles swimming pool backwash water which otherwise goes down the drain. It can be easily installed during pool construction or as an attachment to already existing sand filtered systems. The system operates with your existing pool pump and sand filter, and enables backwashed swimming pool water to be drawn from the custom-made tank before being returned to the pool clean, filtered and already chemically treated.

The specially designed backwash recycling system allows swimming pool owners with sand filtered systems to save thousands of litres of water from your swimming pool that is otherwise lost down the drain. The system not only saves thousands of litres of water but saves on chemicals, as the returned water has already been treated. The savings result in a reduction in the need for fresh water and the waste water amounts that can be up to 80% over all lower energy costs.

Once the recycling system is installed, operational backwashing procedures can be performed when required without any loss of water.

Our recycling system can be sized and designed for any capacity and simply installed as an attachment to your existing indoor or outdoor swimming pool filtration system, or it can be included when planning the construction of your new swimming pool.